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About The Dubai Shopping Festival - DSF 2013

The Dubai Shopping Festival began on February 15, 1996. The Dubai government made the initiative to promote trade. Year by year it gets bigger and bigger and better and better. Dubai Shopping festival, as the name sounds brings huge discounts, savings and mammoth bargains.

This family festival not only entails retail but also entertainment and music. The Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 will run from January 03-2013 to February 03-2013. Promising you 30 days of pure shopping entertainment and family fun, this Dubai shopping festival is open to all.

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) kicks off with an extravagant opening ceremony featuring fireworks and laser light shows along the Dubai creek. Those continue for 30 days until the end of the festival.

This family festival also has a large focus on mall-based entertainment, early evening shows as well as fashion shows and street performers. The Dubai Shopping festival (DSF) is the region's longest running and largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza. Close to 35 million visitors have spent around 21 Billion Dollars in shopping malls, airlines, hotels and entertainments venues, since 1996.



Dubai boasts the largest collection of international retail brands and Dubai Shopping Festival has become one of the world's best-loved shopping events with a unique and diverse range of retail experiences. The 18th edition of the internationally acclaimed Dubai Shopping Festival ( DSF ) will run from 3rd January to 3rd February 2013.



Dubai City will transform into a Shopper's haven in a delightful time span. The Dubai Shopping Festival takes your senses for a roller coaster ride. Also known as Layali Dubai in Arabic, Dubai Shopping Festival ( DSF ) offers a diverse range of activities that take place in: Dubai shopping malls, Dubai Souks, the cultural centers of Dubai and the famous Global Village (located on Emirates Road - view map).


The Dubai Shopping Festival - Global Village

Since its inception, the Global Village (part of the Dubai Shopping Festival) has experienced a steady rise in the number of visitors. Guests from all over the globe join in the festivities and fun featuring different pavilions to experience culture, produce, cuisine and entertainment from different countries.

Due to this unique experience during the ever popular Dubai Shopping Festival, the number of visitors as well as the number of pavilions continues to rise. In 2010 the Global Village featured 28 country pavilions and successfully pulled in 4.5 million visitors!

Shoppers look forward to a variety of products including ready-made garments, perfumes, jewelry, watches, furniture, toys, cosmetics, shoes, bags and food items. Since shopping is considered a past time in the U.A.E. as well as a major attraction for visitors, Dubai has been a major shopping destination for tourists. The Global village provides shoppers an opportunity to shop the best products that the region has to offer.

Games, competitions, weekly talent shows, studio events, live public interviews and street performances are all part of a daily affair at the Global Village.